Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Couponing Win!

I’m writing an article for work about couponing. You’ve seen the show I’m sure, or if you haven’t you at least know about it -- EXTREME COUPONING. I had never actually seen it before… until last night. I had seen clips of it, when it was briefly being made fun of on something like The Soup, but I had never really seen it in its entirety. Well, I was in for a treat.

I knew what to expect though because two weeks ago I started to follow some coupon blogs. I started to LEARN. I came into this coupon thing as a total newbie. I seriously asked questions like: “Does Target take coupons?” “You can print coupons ONLINE?” “What is a circular?” “You can use more than one coupon at once?” But that’s all for a later discussion – and my work article.

What I’m here to tell you about is my first real coupon experience. Yesterday! And because this is a food blog, it’s food! But, here’s the catch, it’s not people food… it is kitty food.

I was a coupon superstar yesterday and was able to snag free cat treats at Target and now I’m going to tell you how you can do it too:

The usual price for the Whisker Lickin’s Cat Treats is about $2
There’s currently a SALE to $1 (until 10/22)
Target is offering a $1 off coupon on there website (which you can find & print HERE)
Final Cost: FREE! (Really, FREE! This still sort of blows my mind!)

Now, I’m not suggesting you waste an hour of your time or travel 20 miles to score a $2 bag of cat treats for free, but if you happen to be going to Target in the next few weeks, think about your fuzzy friends and maybe bring them home something special.

ALSO: There's a Living Social deal today for $20 worth of Whole Foods groceries for $10. (Click that link and buy it, seriously.) And my awesome 75% off J. Crew trench coat arrived yesterday. The world is just full of deals this week. How did I ever buy anything full price before?

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