Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dining Out

I love going to restaurants. Maybe it's because I spend so much time laboriously preparing my own meals sometimes that it's a nice chance of pace to have a meal prepared for me and arrive in front of my all hot and steamy from the kitchen. Since summer is approaching there are a few things I want to do to explore Boston a bit more. While one of them is to find some great farmers' markets and whip up some meals using wonderful, fresh, local ingredients, the other goal is to hit up some more restaurants. Especially since there are a lot that boast nice patios and bustling street views that are ideal for summer people watching. So with that said, while I originally intended this blog just to be about my own cooking, I'm going to start writing a bit about what I eat out at restaurants (and hopefully documenting via picture as well, assuming I can remember to tote along my camera).


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