Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dinner Out : Tasca

Last Saturday a pipe broken outside of Boston causing all drinking water to be undrinkable. Left with the option of purchasing bottled water or boiling water in a pan (which I have since heard gave a very unpleasant tin/pan taste to the water) I opted out of drinking water for the day, in favor of sangria. Same went for cooking/doing dishes, so I chose to eat out. We went out to dinner in Brighton at a Spanish tapas place called Tasca. 
I was quite famished after an afternoon of walking around in the intense heat and humidity so six tapas were selected: 
-- Calamari  
-- Brie and apples  
-- Garlic bread toasts with anchovies 
-- Sliced ham with cheese (pictured above) 
-- Empanada (I think) 
-- Mussels
    I really enjoy Tasca, this is the second time I’ve been. I love the idea of tapas because I always have a really hard time selecting a restaurant for dinner and selecting only one item off of a menu because I always want to try a bit of everything -- which obviously makes tapas the perfect solution.

    And as a result of the water ban, we also had a pitcher of tutti-frutti sangria – delish! 

    Overall score : 9 out of 10.

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