Monday, May 17, 2010

Nacho, Nacho Time!

Ohhhh, myyyy loooove, my darling, I hunger for…. nachos.

Yeah, my intense passion for Mexican food continues with these scrumptious veggie and meat covered nachos. I love making nachos because I have an odd obsession for chopping veggies into tiny little pieces… really, there’s something very therapeutic about it. When making nachos (like my homemade guacamole) I always fly by the seat of my pants – no measuring cups allowed! Typically here are the things I include: red pepper, yellow pepper, jalapeno pepper, onion, cilantro, tomato, black beans, and smothered in sharp cheddar cheese. 

This time I was in for a yummy treat and these nachos were topped off with some leftover chicken. I also recently purchased a cilantro plant so the cilantro that I used in this nacho batch had a special place in my heart (and my cat’s, since she likes to take nibbles of the plant when she thinks I’m not looking.)

Personally I think nachos are the perfect way to use up the extra veggies that are left over from kabobs, soup, stew, or whatever I’ve made a few days earlier, which makes them both economical and quick to make.

My score is obvious here: 10 out of 10. Complete success!

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